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South African National Museum of Military History, Johannesburg South Africa

South African National Museum of Military History 開館:09:00−16:30


入場料:大人/30ランド  子供/25ランド


気候について 南アフリカは南半球に位置し、日本が寒い冬に時期に真夏の太陽を浴びながら旅行を楽しむことができる。 真夏と申し上げても、特にヨハネスブルグの2月- 3月の気温は最高30度、朝晩は20度前後で乾燥しておりますので、日本のような脂汗をかく事はない。朝晩はトレーナーを羽織って丁度良いくらといと考えていただきたい。


タクシー(チャーター) メーター制が多いのですが、会社によって乗る前の交渉で決めるタクシーもあるので注意が必要。交渉の場合など考慮して、観光時はホテルから乗車するのが一番良いとされている。(事前交渉の時間がありますので)空港のタクシーは安心して乗車可能。(空港ロビーで声をかけるタクシーは要注意) 今回の博物館訪問では、現地の日本人駐在員が移動で利用する際に利用するタクシー会社に依頼した。  





会社名:Good Hope Taxi SA

予 約:e-mail /

◽️掲載誌:月刊航空情報 2015年10月号/せいれい社

South African National Museum of Military History

Opening: 09: 00-16: 30

(Christmas, closed on the first Sunday of September)

Admission: Adults / 30 rand Children / 25 rand

Please explain the photo shoot in the hall when you enter and get permission.

About climate

South Africa is located in the Southern Hemisphere, where you can enjoy traveling in the midsummer sun during the cold winter months of Japan.

Even if you say midsummer, the temperature in Johannesburg from February to March is up to 30 degrees Celsius, and it is dry at around 20 degrees Celsius in the morning and evening, so you will not sweat like in Japan. I would like you to wear a trainer in the morning and evening and think that it is just right.

Relieve anxiety about movement

Taxi (charter)

Most taxis have a meter system, but some companies negotiate before boarding, so be careful. Considering the case of negotiations, it is best to board from the hotel when sightseeing. You can take a taxi at the airport with confidence (because there is time for advance negotiations). (Be careful of taxis calling out in the airport lobby)

For this visit to the museum, we asked a taxi company that local Japanese expatriates would use when traveling. Twice

There was no public transportation and I chartered a taxi for 5 hours.

The taxi company I requested is also used by Japanese companies locally, so it is accurate and kind on time.

Charter price: 900 rand for 5 hours (1 rand = 10.20 yen, May 2015)

You can use it freely within 5 hours.

Company name: Good Hope Taxi SA

Reservation: e-mail /

◽️ Magazine: Monthly Aireview October 2015 / Sequireysha Ltd.


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