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South African Airways Museum, Land Airport South Africa

South African Airways Museum Society




予約 Ms. Jean Swart(Committee Member Tours)

電話(携帯):083-442-3771 通常電話:011-822-1814/Fax 086-672-0738-

一般予約アドレス (Public Relations)

土曜/日曜:09:30−14:00 開放 (public holidayも同じ)



その他の展示機は外からの撮影になります。 別棟に小さな博物館がり、SAAで実際に使われた座席や往年の制服、計器類、機内食器などなど欲しくなる小物までが所狭しと陳列されています。 これ全て世界中のコレクターから「寄付」で送られて来た品物で他では見学できないものばかりです。

◽️掲載誌:月刊エアライン 2013年6月号掲載 / イカロス出版

South African Airways Museum Society

A 40-minute drive from Johannesburg, the South African Airways Museum is adjacent to Rand Airport in the East Rand metropolitan area of ​​Gauteng.

Advance reservations are required for all weekday visits.

Reservation: Ms. Jean Swart (Committee Member Tours)

Telephone (mobile): 083-442-3771 Normal telephone: 011-822-1814 / Fax 086-672-0738-

General reservation address: (Public Relations)

Saturday / Sunday: 09: 30-14: 00 Open (same for public holidays)

It is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays, but on weekdays we will make a reservation and meet at the entrance of the museum, so please be careful not to be late.

The B747 and B747SP open the guest room door so you can take pictures freely.

Other exhibition machines will be taken from the outside. There is a small museum in the annex, and small items such as seats actually used in SAA, old uniforms, instruments, in-flight tableware, etc. are displayed in a narrow space. All of these are items sent by "donations" from collectors around the world.

◽️ Published Magazine: Monthly Airlines June 2013 issue / Ikaros Publications Co. Ltd


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